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Zak Morris Company, Inc. was founded in 1989 to develop amd market AutoCAD compatible enhancement products. Our VisualTablet product grew out of our AutoBoost graphics accelerator product as a user interface to enhance the tablet user's productivity. The orginal product was called Tablet on the Screen and was renamed VisualTablet when it was launched for AutoCAD R14 for Windows as a separate product.

Company officers are:

Rod Morris, Founder and President - Mr. Morris runs the day to day operations and brings over 20 years experience in the computer, periperpals and software industries. Prior to founding Zal Morris Company, Inc, Mr. Morris held several sales, marketing and senior management positions with various companies including Tandy Corporation, Talaris System, Conographic and TriNex Communications.

Sherry Zak Morris, VP and Corporate Secretary - Ms. Zak Morris is involved in the company's business develepment and new markets. She has over 20 years experience in product support and management in addition to business development. Her experience spans many years in the database and data replication markets with companies such as CompuServe, Platinum Technologies, ParAccel and others.

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