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"Heads-Up" Productivity

How To Pick Commands From Your Digitizer
Without Looking Down!

VisualTablet TM is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed to enhance command selection and productivity for users of digitizers with templates. Graphics representing your digitizer template automatically "pop-up" on-screen so you don't have to look down to pick tablet menu commands. And since it's based on your familiarity with your existing template layout, VisualTablet can be mastered in minutes.

VisualTablet's "heads-up" approach is so intuitively easy, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Here's How It Works
Suppose you want to pick a command from tablet menu area 2. As you move your puck cursor into the menu area, an image representing the menu area (we call this a VideoTemplateTM), and an ARROW representing your digitizer cursor position will instantly appear on your screen. (See picture.)

The location of the ARROW on the VideoTemplate corresponds to the exact position of your puck's cursor on your digitizer template. By using the "heads-up" ARROW, you can now move your digitizer cursor to any template command without looking down. When you press the pick button to select the command you want, the VideoTemplate will automatically disappear. Or you can just move your digitizer cursor back into the screen pointing area to cause the VideoTemplate to automatically disappear from your screen.

VisualTablet LT
VisualTablet LT is designed for AutoCAD users that do not customize their digitizer template. With pre-defined VideoTemplates for the standard AutoCAD template, VisualTablet Lite comes ready-to-use with the standard AutoCAD tablet menu so installation is a snap!

VisualTablet PRO
The Professional version of VisualTablet allows you to easily create custom VideoTemplates for your existing digitizer template in minutes. Since VisualTablet works with your existing .MNU file, creating new VideoTemplates is quick and easy. You simply use your TABLET drawing file right in AutoCAD to create your new VideoTemplate, then choose background colors and borders, and you're done!

Support for DOS and Windows
VisualTablet for DOS is a device independent, stand-alone Graphical Tablet InterfaceTM that works with any fully compatible AutoCAD R12/13 display list processor. VisualTablet for Windows is the only Graphical Tablet Interface available for Windows. And it works with all AutoCAD R12/13/14/2000 for Windows versions including 95, 98 and NT.

No Wasted Screen Space
Are toolboxes cluttering your screen? With VisualTabletís intelligent icon display technology, icons pop-up and disappear automatically allowing you to see more of your drawing.


  • Increase productivity
  • Cut drafting time
  • Increase Viewable Drawing Area
  • Port existing menus and symbol libraries in minutes
  • Reduce potential for repetitive stress injury
  • Create custom VideoTemplates in minutes
  • No new icon system to learn because you use your current tablet menus
  • Works with all 3rd party applications such as Eagle Point, ASG, Softdesk, Ketiv, and others
  • Fully compatible with AutoCAD R12/13/14/2000 for Windows 3.x, 95, 98 & NT
  • Fully compatible with your existing .MNU file

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