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Introducing Z-Keys
Simply Z fastest way to run AutoCAD!

  • Eliminate Repetitive Keystokes

  • Increase productivity

  • Easy to program

  • Installs in seconds

  • No software drivers

  • No hardware or software conflicts

  • Works with any computer

  • Works with any application

  • Buy Now!

Our new Z-Keys programmable keypad is so simple to install and easy to use that you'll be up and running in minutes. Just unplug your keyboard, plug in the Z-Keys keypad, then plug your keyboard into the Z-Keys keyboard connector and you're done. It's that easy and there's no software to install or cause problems.

With our unique pass through design, you can even daisy chain multiple Z-Keys together to get more programmable keys further increasing productivity. And programming is easy and intuitive. Just press the key you wish to program. Type your command or macro on your keyboard as usual and you're done.

Since there's no software to install, Z-Keys works with any application without hassles or conflicts. Need a quick macro for Word or Excel? No problem. Want to change the program for that key for AutoCAD? It's easy and it's as fast as typing the desired command macro one time.

If 20 keys isn't enough, check out our Z-Keys Pro, 58 key model.

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Hardware System

Any architecture with AT or PS/2 keyboard port, using scan codes 2 or 3

Operating System

All OS supporting PC type keyboards

Number of Keys

20 single keys, one set of optional double-keys (one horizontal and one vertical)

Number of Layers

2 layers -- user selectable toggle and/or shift keys

Number of
Characters Stored

Each key is allocated 3 characters and a total of 480 additional keystrokes are allocated to any keys that require additional characters

Switch Type

Mechanical type switch, silent tactile feel, manufactured by Cherry

Key Cap Type

Relegendable keys with removable clear covers


Mini-DIN 6-pin and DIN 5-pin, designed to pass through the main keyboard


7" x 4¼" x 1", 177 mm x 108 mm x 25 mm


9¼ oz., 260 grams

Power Consumption

Less than 15 ma @ 5 vdc plus the power used by the external keyboard

Power Source

Keyboard port power

Nominal Voltage

5 vdc


Special software is not required for most applications -- special download software is available for multi-unit programming

Accessories Included

5 to 6 pin adapter for use with AT style keyboards

Optional Accessories

Additional double-keys (horizontal and/or vertical)


FCC class B, CE

Specifications subject to change without notice


Let us know what you think. Would Z-Keys be of interest to your organization?

Your feedback is appreciated and valuable!

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