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The Dimensional CAD Calculator

The Jobber and Construction Master calculators have been indespensibe tools of the construction industry for years. Now, there's PCJobber! And it's available for both DOS and Windows.

Enter calulations directly in feet-inches-fractions, degrees-minutes-seconds, decimal units or in Metric.

Convert between units instantly.

Uses Jobber's patented 0-15 keypad.

36 Comprehensive Instant Metric Conversions for Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Pressure and Heat.

Trigonometric Functions: Sine, Arcsine, Cosine, Arccosine, Tangent & Arctangent.

Solve oblique triangles & complex rise and run calculations in seconds. Includes preprogrammed solutions to any side of a right triangle and for the unknown side of a triangle when any two sides and an angle are known.

Preprogrammed solutions to any part of a circle.

9 Memories.

Save & Print Calculations.

Windows Copy/Paste.

DOS and Windows Compatible


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